Investigation the effects of NF-κB inhibitor in combination with adriamycin on apoptosis signaling pathway in acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line

Study of direct cytotoxic effects of Menadione and cotreatment with topoisomeraseII inhibitor in burkitts lymphoma Ramos cells

Detection of TEL/AML1 fusion gene with immonolgic marker, morphologic and clinical prognosis of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Detection of MLL/AF4 and E2A/PBX1 fusion genes with immunologic and morphologic markers in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Study of the knowledge and attitude style related to the impact of internet usage upon risky behaviors and study of its influence on life style among students of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Radio immunotherapy of murine exprimentel tumor with listeria monocytogenes activated dentritic cells

Histopathologic Comparison of bloody urine with FISH in patient with chronic cystitis and bladder cancer

Comprative study of the pinealectomy and ovariectomy on lumbar spinal cord GABA A receptor and gabaergic neurons in female adult rats .

Study of the effect of pinealectomy on substantia nigra dopaminergic neurons in monoposual adult rat

Use of TRIZ model in problem solving in Tehran University of Medical Sciences general teaching hospitals(a case study)

The study knowledge of hospital managers of decision making method based on conditions in Tehran University of medical science’ general teaching hospitals

Study Of The Impact Of Positive Psychology On Employes Organizational Citizenship Behavior In Hospital Of Tehran University Of Medical Sciences

studing the effect of managers political behaviors on staff commitment in tehran university of medical science

The Study about the effect of managerial ethics on staff commitment in Tehran university of medical sciences.

The relationship between organizational justice and organizational commitment among employees Introduction by Tehran University of Medical Sciences

The study of Life Chane Unit (LCU) as stressor factors among the students of Teheran University of Medical Sciences in 1390

The monitoring of managers for entrepreneurship at Tehran university of medical sciences

Study on drug Susceptibility testing of Candida albicans against Amp B

Antifungal activity of mphotericin B and fluconazole on isolated opportunistic fungi from hospital environments

Study on drug Susceptibility testing and CYP 51 A gene mutations encoding drug-resistance in environmental Aspergilli isolates to itraconazole and voriconazole by RT-PCR

Study of antifungal activity of disinfectants formaldehyde, glutar aldehyde, dettol, benzalkonium chloride and ethanol 70% on isolated fungi from environment and surgical instruments in personal clinics in Tehran

prevalence of human hepes simplex virous typs 1&2 in the blood and urine of men and correlation with infertility

prevalence of human hepes simplex virous typs 1&2 in the semen of men and correlation with infertility

molecular investigation of cytomegalvin (CMV) in infertiled Men

evaluation of knowledge level on hygicne,general helth and personality characters of dairy and poultry farms staffs ,in south of tehran

Accuracy evaluation of electron beams dose distribution in presence of obliquity and heterogenity in different radiotherapy centers : an audit study

Evaluation and analytical comparison of different 2D and 3D radiotherapeutic Treatment Planning Systems with anthropomorphic thoracic phantom based on IAEA TEC-DOC 1583 protocol

Preparation of anti-Her2 nanobody-targeted iron-oxide nanoparticles and magnetoliposomes

Preparation of anti-Her2 nanobody-targeted liposomal nanoparticles

The Study of Iranian authors and journals self-citation and its impact on their Hirsch index in Web of Scienc and Scopus databases

Designing an Mobile Educational Medication Adminstration Application based on International Classification of Drug (ATC)

Creating of dentistry and stomatology classification system according to international classification disease

The diseases and creation of the classification of cardiovascular’s diseases system in IRAN and its evalution

Investigation the rate of answering of medical records to the referred cases to foronsic medicine in tehran

Study the Medical Record Documentation Error Resulted in Probable Deduction Rate in Teaching Hospital Affiliated with Thran University of Medical Sciences 2nd Semester 2008

Usage of Anti-PSA gold-nanoparticle conjugates for detection of PSA in human semen

Study of GSTT1 and GSTM1 polymorphism in childhood ALL

Induce differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells isolated from umbilical cord Whartons jelly to neural precursor cells

PCR method development for analysis of Pichia pastoris residual genomic DNA contamination

Detection of lipocalin2 protein in serum and urine of benign prostate hyperplasia and patients diagnosed with prostate cancer with gold nano particles and its comparison with lipocalin2 mRNA expression

The study of dermatoglyphic patterns of hands in prostate cancer, larynx cancer and gastric cancer patients from Cancer Institute of Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex

Study of FANCA Gene Variations in Iranian Women with Breast Cancer

Study of Estrogen Receptor-b Gene Polymorphisms in Women with Breast ancer.

The comparison between serum levels of vitamin D3 in women with premenstrual syndrome compared with normal women

Analysis of efficiency in Medical Records Departments of universal and ununiversal hospitals affiliated with Tehran University of medical science by Data Exhaustive Analysis method in 1387

Isolation,cloning of HIV CRF035 protease gene and itُs expression in pCDNA3.1 expression vector in HEK293 cell line for use as protease inhibitor screening model

Evaluation of trastuzumab-resistance in Breast Cancer Patients and role of mutation and overexpression of biomarkers

mRNA and Protein Expression of Breast Cancer‘s Classifier Biomarkers and their Relationship with Clinicopathological Status and Treatment Outcome in Iran

Isolation, cloning and Expression of protease gene of CRF035 isolate from HIV-1 by using pET vector in E.coli strain BL21

Molecular detection of DEC and UPEC by mPCR

The upregulation effect of mir-210 on erythroid differentiation of K562 cell line

The Use of Rolling Circle Amplification for Fast Identification of Cladophialophora species, an opportunistic pathogen in humans

Elevate pathogenesity for cladophialophora subtilis & yegresii in mice & comparison with types of pathogen

Environmental Study of Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in Tehran and Sari

effects of gama-radiation on the fungus alternaria-penicillium-and mucor sp in artificially inoculated food samples

Real time PCR study of antioxidant effects of Co-enzyme Q10 on myelin repair of EAE induced MS C57BL/6 mouse model

Following Safety Standards at Clinical Labs of Hospitals Affiliated With Tehran University of Medical Science Considering Safety Regulations in Total Quality Management

Studies of safety tandars in Tehran university of medical science hospitals opration rooms 1388

Study Of Implementation Of Safety Standards In Tehran University Of Medical Science`S Hospital`S Radiologies 1385 A.H,

Evaluation of relationship between TAFI, TPA and MMP-9 gene polymorphisms and cerebral hemorragia in patients with severe factor XIII deficiency

Evaluate of quantitive relationship between expression of MICRO RNA-155 and FXIII-A gene expression in patient with factor XIII deficiency

evaluation of desferrioxamine (DFO) effects on MDM2,TP53,MicroRNA125b and selective MIR125b target expressionin hepatocarcinoma lineage cells(HepG2)

determination of SFRP1 and SFRP2 genes promoter methylation status in patients with chronicmyelogenous leukemia

evaluation of miR-27a up-regulation effect on differentation to Megakaryocyte in erythroleukemic K562 cell line

evaluation of miR-26b up-regulation effect on Hb F expression in K562 cell

evaluation of miR-210 up-regulationeffect on prolifration and survival of Human cord blood derived Mesanchymal stem cells

Measurement of Natural Radioactivity Levels of Ra-226 and K-40 in soil and water samples of dwelling region of Qom province-Iran

Investigation of cumulative genotoxic damage in spheroid culture of glioblastoma cells caused by 6 Mv

Evaluation of Diagnostic reference Level on CT Scan Examination in the City of Tehran

Study of Common Mitochondria Haplotypes in women with Breast Cancer refering to the Imam Khomeni Hospital in Tehran

Assessment of mitochondrial inheritance of coronary artery disease (CAD) using common haplotypes, in Iranian patients referred to a level I cardiac hospital

Fabrication of decellularized skin replacement from human skin

Study of cantharidin effects on the cutaneus leishmaniasis , its mechanism identify and optimize the therapeutic modes.

Isolation and molecular identification of free living amoeba belonging to Acanthamoeba genus from environmental sources in hospitals of Tehran

Evaluation of PDCD4 (Programmed cell death 4 ) tumor suppressor gene expression in Acute myeloid leukaemia patients


detection of Epigenetic profiling and hypermethylation of selected genes in MDS patients

Morphine effects on sex hormones in wistar rats

The Effects of alfalfa extract in mice with breast cancer

Effects of antioxidant supplementation compared AquADEKAs single vitamins A and D3 and E on oxidative stress in female mice with breast cancer

Relationship between serum bilirubin concentrations and risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) in patients referred to Tehran Heart center, year 1390.

Evaluation of the oxidant-antioxidant balance in CAD

Evaluation of the knowledge of radiology department staffs in selected hospital Tehran University on Hospital Information System applications in 2013year.

Investigation of the relationship between sleep duration and metabolic hormones of obesity among primary students (6-9 years old) of Tehran city.

Development a National Strategic Plan for Knowledge Management in Health

Transfection of a p53-expression vector into p53-null cancer cells for inducing cell death

The prevalence of Honorary and Ghost authorships in Iranian bio-medical journals and it’s associated factors

Survey of prevalence rate of toxoplasma and parasite reacyivity correlation in leukemia

A comparative study on the coproantigen & coproantibody & sera immunoglubolins with conventional techniques on the diagnosis of intestinal parasites(Histolica & Giardia) in Tehran laboratories patint.

Study and compare of how to prepare, store, distribute, control and administration of the drug in selected public and private hospitals in 1391

The Survey of The Effects of Implementing Subsidies Targeting In the Energy Sector on performance Index in Hospitals of Tehran university

Antibacterial activity of Lactobacillus pelanterum and Lactobacillus ruteri on non-fermente bacteria in nosocomial infection

comparison of occlusive and exposure dressing in contoroling burn infections

Comperative study of bacterial agents in infant and neonatal sepsis

Prevalence of MRSA in Vancomycin pattern resistance Staphylococcus aureus isolated from clinical specimens of Imam hospitalized patients

The Study of prevalenceof Campylobacter in appendicular syndrome in appendectomy People

The study of virulence characterization of Yersinia Spp isolated from human and non human

Determination of serotyping and antibiotic resistance of salmonella in children with diarrehea in Robatkarim province

An investigation into Streptococcus mutants causing tooth decay in children between 3to 5 years in two groups of sensitive and resistance to decay

Determination of antibiotic resistance patterns of commons bacterial pathogens in middle ear infections perforated

In vitro valuation synergistic effect between polymyxin B Sulphate & Trimethoprim on Yersinia enterocolotica

The comparison of PCR technique, API-20E kit and the conventional biomedical method for the identification of Salmonella species in the laboratory

The study molecular epidemiology of group B beta Haemoytic Streptococcal ( colonization in the vaginal flora of Pregnant women

Molecular epidemiology of extended spectrum β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli in clinical isolates by phenotypic and genotypic methods

Determination of antibiotic resistance patterns of commons bacterial pathogens in middle ear infections perforated

Antibiotic resistance patterns of Kelebsiella Spp. isolated from patients with nosocomial infections by using MIC and MBC methods

Antibiotic resistance patterns of Kelebsiella Spp. isolated from patients with nosocomial infections by using MIC and MBC methods

Evaluation of MDR and XDR prevalence among sputum positive pulmonary tuberulosis patients of Yazd province during 1386-1387.

proteomic analysis of cell surface proteins in NB4 and HL60 cell lines

Design and evaluate of a new platelet cross-match kit for use in the blood bank procedures.

Detection of KRAS and PIK3CA gene mutational hotspots in colon and colorectal cancers in Iraninan population refering to Imam Khomeini Institute of Cancer

Study of biocompatibility of a gelatin/bioactive glass scaffold and its implantation together with bone marrow EPCS in the management of an experimental model critical bone defect in rats .

Bioconjugation of Herceptin with Botulinum toxin ;comparsion of the potency of the new immunotoxin with antibody itself on BT-474 and SK-BR-3 cell line.

Study of the effects of a gelatin –hydroxyapatit nano-composite with osteoblast cells in the mangement of an experimental model of critical bone defect in rats

Study of the effects of a gelatin –hydroxyapatit nano-composite with osteoblast cells and endothelial in the mangement of an experimental model of critical bone defect in rats

Study of the expression of NGEP-L marker by antibodies produced against designed peptides, in tissue specimens of prostate (normal & malignant) using immunohistochemistry

Toso expression and its relation to prognosis of B-CLL

Characterization of produced anti human CD34 monmclonal antibodies in order to separate stem cell and using in BM transplantation

Evaluation of hospital information System (HIS) uses in general hospitals from physicians and nurses’ perspective

Detection of esp gene and antibiotic resistance of enterococcus isolated from foods

Evalution of phylogenetic typing of uropathogenic & blood infections E.coli strains

Evaluation of biofilm production & Antibiotic Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus strains from food

Evalution of antibiotic resistance and phylogenetic typing of uropathogenic E. coli strains

Evalution of phenotype & genotype of hemolysin gene and phylogenetic typing of uropathogenic E.coli strains

Study entrepreneurial spirit of School of Allied Health Students Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1392

Study of the effects of fibroin, supernatant of lactobacillus and spirolina on proliferation of rat’s bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells

Designing and Implementation a Expert System for Pneumonia Disease Diagnosis with Perceptron Multi Layer Neural Network

The study of Bacteroides and esp markers for detection of water feacal pollution

Maximum application determine the pattern of blood for surgery

survey of urine Interlukin 8 in spinal cord injury patients.

bacteriuria and pyuria in spinal cord injuries

Survay of serum Procalcitonin in detection of bacterial infections in cirrhosis

Seroprevalence of hepatitis D and B in liver cirrhotic patients admitted to Imam Khomeini hospital in 18 months period.


Evaluation Of Trace Elements On Blood Glucose Level In Streptozotocin Induced Rat’s Serum.

Evaluation of the rate job saticfaction of training departments staff of medical univercity of tehran in the year 85-86

The effect of chronic leukemic plasma on endothelial cell cycle before and after suppresion of NF-KB signaling pathway

Circulating endothelial cell number and von willebrand factor level detection in blood could be a prognostic factor in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Investigation of the mecanism of C-reactive protein thrombotic effects on Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cell

The Effect of Long-Day Organizing On The Efficiency Of Clinics And Operating Theaters At Farabi Hospital 1383-1384

Determination of silver nitrate effect on kinetic properties of horseradish peroxidase

Leptin concentrations in seminal plasma and serum of fertile & infertile Iranian men

Comparison of enzyme activity of AST, ALT, ACP, ALP, LDH, CPK in the saliva of people with periodontal disease tissue and examine the relationship between the level of enzyme activity with the level of periodontal disease

Serum Cytokine Changes in Patients infected With Giardia Lamblia and its Comparison with normal Controls

Determination of DNA strand breaks by heavy metal-induced (cu, cd,cr)oxygen radicals in purified Esherishia.coli DNA

Internal evaluation in educational departments of college of Allied Health Sciences 1388-89

Biochemical markers is ESRD patients admitted toTehran University Hospitals during 2007-2008

Antifungal activities of Lowson inermis and Ziziphus spina christi agaist Malassezia species

a study of the time of the discharge process in imam khomeini hospital of tums and causes that effect on it and present an appropriate model for it in 1385

Evalution of CT.scan sensitivity on lung phantom nodules detection

The measurement of radioactive substances concentration in two samples of cultivated herbs (parsley(Petroselinum crispum Mill.) and leek(Allium sp.)) in Tehran province by use of gamma spectroscopic system

Evaluation of natural radionuclides of Cs(137) and K(40) in etible mashroom of Agaricus bisporus in Tehran Province

Evalouation of SPECT Images Quality with Scatter Correction Using Triple Energy Window

Hematology and Blood Transfusion