Possible cooperation of the school of allied medical science with Jimma University


Based on the report published by public relations for vice-chancellor for Global Strategies & International Affairs: The meeting was held on Monday, 5 January. With the presence of Director and Chief Officer of International Relations, Accreditation and ranking, Vice-Dean of International Affairs and faculty member of allied medical science school.

Dr. Shahmoradi, Faculty member of Allied medical science school stated: Appropriate context have been provided to collaborate with Ethiopian Jimma University by a Ph.D. student studying in Health information management department.

She added: following the Allied medical Sciences activities which have been reflected to Jimma University, This University expressed its interest to have cooperation with TUMS.

Dr. Nekoofar, Director of International Relations, Accreditation and ranking noted: signing international MOUs would be one of the most important plans of TUMS, and already fulfilling these sort of agreements is essential.

He continued: In addition to signing agreement, joint programs, courses and joint publications with various universities and colleges can be placed on the agenda. Dr. Nekoofar recommend allied medical science school to hold summer school courses.

Dr. Sharifi Yazdi, Vice- Dean of international affairs of allied medical science school explained some duties of school in international area. He said the school needs much more facilities to be able to provide good services for the international students.