Elham Maserrat, young researcher of Allied Medical Sciences School, has named self- realization and planning as the most important factor in her success.

1) Please, introduce yourself:

I am Elham Maserrat, Ph.D. student in Health Information Management in Allied Medical Sciences School of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). Apart from doing my favorite activities I am also interested in education and research. If I had a chance to choose again, I will choose the field of Health Information Management. Because having a strong management system requires Information Management in clinical, training and research topics.



2) Please, Describe your research background:

I was nominated and selected as top researcher in  Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. I continued my research in TUMS and again I was selected as a top researcher in TUMS Scientific Research Centre Annual Meeting of students in 2013. I promised myself to devote a part of my life in scientific researches and to be able to serve my country in this way. And my other research background would be being the top academic student, top researcher in Allied Medical Sciences School in 2015, the referee of national and international congress and scientific journals, presenting more than 30 papers in national and international congress, co-operation in national projects, member of the executive committee of national and international congress, publishing books in the field of Information Management and Health Informatics and also teaching in research workshops.



3) What is the most important factor in your success?

If you mean the success is to finish all my plans, yes, I succeeded in many areas. The first step of my success is self-realization of any potentials and interests and then to consider the objectives in order to achieve eagerly.



4) What do you think about the reason of choosing you as a young researcher?

I cannot answer this question, because I was not in the selection criteria of Yalda congress. Health Information Management Department sent my CV to congress.



5) What is your advice to other students to follow the path of success?

Believing yourself, set your goals and do not compare yours aims with others and consider your enthusiasm.

Read lots of books whenever you can. Reading can help to choose best way.