Zahra Sadat Azad Manjir recommends students use TUMS research opportunities.

1) Please introduce yourself:

I am Zahra Sadat Azad Manjir, Ph.D. student of Health Information Management in Allied Medical Sciences School. I have been a student of TUMS since 2006. I have been in charge of the Health Information Management unit, and worked as Associate of National Network of Spinal Cord Injury Research, and as the leader of virtual organization and the representative of innovation. Now I am the executive director of National Spinal Cord Injury registry project at the center and the actuary of strategic council of this program, which is being run by the support technology and research of the deputy office for Health Ministry.



2) Please describe your research background:

I started my research activities when I was a bachelor student with the help of my encouraging and supportive teachers, but these activities only helped me learn more and be sophisticated in this area.

My research activities included 8 research projects at the Ministry of Health and the University, 13 published papers in national and international journals (PubMed & ISI), 12 papers in national and international congresses of telemedicine and eHealth world congress in Texas in 2015, neuro trauma in Tehran in 2015, and international congress on nursing informatics in Montreal, Canada in 2011. I also have been the referee of Annual Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) symposium for four consecutive years from 2012 to 2015. I have written a book in Persian and chapter of the English book “Education in Research”. The second one was published in English and Spanish in 2015 by International Foundation for Spine Surgery’s AOSPINE (Latin America).



3) What is your motivation for research activities?

My character is like those people who always need to know and have new achievement, so research is the best way to satisfy this need.



4) Why do you think you have been chosen as a young researcher?

I think the equal judgement of the congress panel, about all medical majors- not only clinical majors- was a reason or maybe I was chosen due to my multi-dimensional activities.



5) What was the most important factor for your success?

The exact answer to this question is hard for me, because several factors played a role in my success. Diligence is an important reason for the success and I have always tried to put it my priority.

Another important factor was to use time well, I never spend my time in Vanity and I usually do my work based on a schedule.



6) What is your advice to other students to follow the path of success?

The general recommendation is that since they are in the best medical university and trained by the best professors, they should be aware of this opportunity and care for their time. And also simultaneously benefit from the university’s teaching, research sports and … facilities.