The Feast was held on Wednesday June 22, 2016 in TUMS International College. Students started the ceremony by holy Quran recitation, followed by a choir group performance of a Persian song. Another group of students had also prepared a hymn in English and Arabic. Later, a Nigerian student presented a talk about Nigerian traditions in Ramadan and also fasting in Christianity was explained by one of the Christian students.



TUMS Directorate of International Affairs and Development, Dr. Shabani, expressed his happiness on the active presence of students in this feast. He stated: ‘TUMS has students from different nationalities and from 33 countries, which is a pleasure to see them here (at TUMS) together.’ He also mentioned, such events can promote collaborations and cultural exchanges among students. In the following, besides the feast’s iftari, Nigerian and Somali students served their traditional cuisine. 



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