Name: Zainab

Surname: Jaber

Nationality: Iraq

Age: 36 

Major & Level: Radiology Technology, MSc.    




1. What is your idea about this country?

My have very great feeling about this country. In my opinion, Iran is Islamic, strong & sophisticated country. Iran is improving in all scientific field especially medicine. People here are hospitable and respectable.



2. Why did you choose this major?

Because, I’m interested in medicine field, and most of all in Radiology.



3. How do you spend your free time?

Free time u said!

I do not have any free times. I have to study a lot, but if I find some times for myself, I’d like to spend it in holy shrines visiting.






4. How would you rate your Professors in the Allied Medical Schools Professors?

They’re very expert and scholar professors, I respect them a lot.





5. Do you have any plans for Ph.D. Programs?

Yes why not!

If I also get to  study PhD level in Iran, it will be my pleasure.