Mahmoud Bejani defended his Thesis titled: “Steganography of Medical Text Report into Digital Magnetic Resonance Images”


Nowadays Transmission of medical data via communication networks is common and extending every day. So security is important for these type of data transferred. Medical images such as MRI Scans are very important part of these medical data and there are plenty of security approaches for securing these images through communication.

On the other hand, digital images integrity shared between Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and Hospital Information System (HIS) or Radiology Information System (RIS), is a challenge. In this thesis we propose a steganography method for hiding medical text reports into MRI images. The proposed steganography method is secure enough while preserving main image data that is vital for medical diagnosis




Supervisors: M. Gazi Saeedi, Assistant Professor

L. Shahmoradi, Assistant Professor

Advisors: Sh. Rostam Niakan, Assistant Professor

F. Salahshur, Assistant Professor



R. Safdari, Professor, Dr. E. Jazayeri,