O. Hasan

v  Name: omed

v  Surname: qadir

v  Nationality: Iraq

v  Age: 38

v  Major & Level: M.Sc. in Hematology and blood transfusion



Please answer these questions very briefly.


1.      Why did you choose this field and this University (TUMS)?


I was crazy for hematology and TUMS is famous university.



2.      How would you rate your Professors in the Allied Medical Schools Professors?


My professors help me through many of my studies, they are like true angles. They were helpful, kind and trustful



3.      Are you in touch with Iranian students?


Yes, They were very nice to me, and I really felt good among them. I will always remember my friends in Iran.



4.      If you want to mention one thing that you would always remember after your graduation, what would it be?

My teachers always believed and trusted me. it was more important for me than my MSc degree.

5.      Do you have any plans for Ph.D. Programs?

Yes. If I get scholarship, because during my master course I did not get any scholarship, so now I have to deal with a lot of financial and permission problems.