Khadijeh Moiel defended her Thesis titledDevelopment of an Electronic Personal Health Record for Major Thalassemia




Thalassemia is chronic disease which is extremely, expensive, complex and debilitating. At is a life-long disease, especially in thalassemia patient, it necessary to increase patient awareness about disease and its related problem. Also patient management skill should be enhanced to minimize the risk of complication. The main purpose of the research was development electronic personal health record for major thalassemia.                                                         

This is developmental applied study which was conducted to develop an electronic personal health record system for major Thalassemia.

The result of this study is development electronic personal health record system for major thalassemia that this system which in web-based dose need to the install on user’s computer and is accessible via the internet. The system was containing personal information, medical history, general examination, laboratory reports, medications, transfusion, physical examination, vaccination, dentistry. Usability evaluation of the system showed that patient evaluated the system with a mean rating of 7.91 (out of 9 point) and it evaluated in a good level.      

Using of internet technology and web-based system are useful solution to remove barriers of space and time and facilitate patient access to health information and improve them to better management and control the disease. The web base system can use to help thalassemia patient to control transfusion and reduce complication of the disease and health promotion. 




Supervisors: Dr. M. Ghazisaeeidi, Assistant Professor

Dr. L. Shahmoradi, Assistant Professor


Advisors: Dr. H. Karami, Associate Professor


Reviewers: Dr. N. Mohammadzadeh, Assistant Professor

Dr. N. Dashti, Associate Professor