Nnamdi Odinakachukwu Emeka Okoro

 Nationality: Nigerian

 Age: 30

Major & Level: Radiobiology & Radiation Protection


1.      What is your idea about this country?

Iran is a land of great potentials, multi-talents and opportunities. It is a land with vast tourism attractions. It is a land that full of hospitality.



2.      Why did you choose this major?

The era we are now entails much of cancer proliferations. Radiobiology & Radiation Protection is a course full of opportunities and of great demand in this 21st century. Radiation plays an important role in medicine, industry, aviation, nuclear reactors, agriculture, archeology and geology. A lot of humans and organisms are exposed to ionizing radiation from the environment, food consumption, solar/cosmology and medical sources. It is very imperative to know the effects of ionizing radiation in biological cells, and to apply protective measures to prevent deterministic and stochastic effects that could occur as a result of the exposure of organisms and humans to ionizing radiation through direct or indirect means. These are the driving forces of my quest for studying radiobiology & radiation protection.  


3.      How do you spend your free time?

I travel a lot to several cities in different provinces to have new experiences of diverse ethnic and beautiful environments.  I visit a lot of recreational sites/areas within the capital city of Tehran.


4.     How would you rate your Professors in the Allied Medical Schools Professors?

My professors were very pivotal and great catalysts to my success during my program. They were so committed to their job. They are great teachers.


5.      Do you have any plans for Ph.D. Programs?

Knowledge is in-searchable. I hope to further more in my field of study at Ph.D. level if an opportunity comes up.