Mohammad Abdol Zahra Saasa, defended his Thesis titledMortality Rate Due to Intubation in Adult General ICU Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis


      Introduction: ICU  mortality due to intubation occurs as a result of multiple factors such as patient's condition, operator's skills, and equipment uses, the exact time for intubation, duration to perform intubation, as well appropriate drugs and dosage used for doing this procedure. The purposes of this systematic review and meta-analysis were to determine the intubation related death and overall ICU mortality in adult general critical care units

Methods: We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials, cohort and cross-sectional studies in three electronic databases with hand searching that reported data on the mortality rate due to intubation in adult general ICUs. Our search resulted in 27 published articles without limitation in date and language. Systematic review and meta-analysis was done for primary endpoint, the incidence of mortality rate; the secondary endpoint, overall ICU mortality associated with intubation procedure. 

Result: We found 7,866 articles in literatures review from three databases based of our key words, 27 records were eligible to include in this study. The reported results about the proportion of mortality rate(death rate) was 1%, overall ICU mortality 30%. Conclusion: This is the first comprehensive systematic review of mortality rate and overall ICU mortality in adult general ICUs which showed usual care of endotracheal intubation accepted but it is associated with increase complications that may patients already had it and this may develop death.

Supervisors: Dr. Z. Hossein Khan, Dr. M. Mohammadi

External Reviewers: Dr. A. Shamsi

Internal Reviewers: Dr. M. Rahimi, Dr. M. Maghsoudloo