According to the public relations of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Dr. Hossein Qanaati, the Dean  of Tehran University of Medical Sciences had an official meeting with the members of the School of Allied Medical Sciences on Monday morning, 14 th  February 2022.  

The Dean of the university began his speech by stating that the School  of Allied Medical Sciences is an important part of the university complex and added: "In the presented reports , few points caught my attention. The performance of this school in the international  field has been very good." Increase your activity in this field and be more active both in terms of attracting international students and  interaction with different universities. Dr Qanaati added: The university is a place for educated, knowledgeable, and interested people in science. In today's world, wherever science has grown, it is because of sharing and coordination between people. We have to work together and hold each other's hands. People should use this short time during their period of work to be effective and successful in research field.
 Dr. Qanati, referring to the development of the action plan of the university and its affiliated sections added: "We plan to move plan-oriented and forward, and from next year, no activities will be carried out without a plan."
"The good news for this school is that we intend to consolidate the scattered buildings around the university and place them in a building near the university to avoid wasting energy, money and manpower while using resources optimally," We have come to the conclusion that memorization-based education is not appropriate and should be such that individuals can use resources properly.Referring to the importance of social activities and communication with the community in achieving the 4th generation university, the Dean of the university said: "Consider the part of your specialized fields that are related to society and social affairs and are effective in public education, and for that." Have a plan that if we have a social university, we will be promoted to the fourth level. The university must serve people, within the people and with the people so that people can understand and use its services. Keep in touch with your graduates and monitor them, it is important that your guidance continues and will be very helpful in reforming the community.
At the end of his speech, Dr. Qanaati thanked all the academic members of this school  .
Dr. Shaban Alizadeh, Dean of the School of Allied Medical Sciences, while welcoming the Dean of the University and congratulating him on the birth  anniversary of Imam Ali (AS), said: We are fortunate and  hope that  with the presence and guidance of Dr. Qanaati it will be the beginning of the blessings and the source of excellent actions in the field of paramedicine  .The Dean of the School of Allied Medical Sciences then presented a report regarding the activities carried out in the School. The presence of 125 international students in this School  ,the activities of the Covid 19 Diagnostic Laboratory and the Covid 19 Integrated Vaccination Base  . Furthermore  he discussed the process of renovating the Faculty Building No. 2, the actions taken at the Health Technology Development Center and the Zoonose Research Center are among the highlights of this report.
Also, Dr. Alizadeh made an announcement regarding the establishment of Dar al-Fonun Core Health Laboratory in near future . He also considered that setting up of the Covid 19 diagnostic laboratory is one of the first steps in this action.
 In the continuation of this meeting, the present members introduced themselves and shared their issues and opinions with the Dean of the university.