According to the public relations of Tehran University of Medical Sciences,  School of Allied Medical Sciences,  there was a friendly meeting  of international students of this faculty with Dr. Nahid Ainollahi, Vice Chancellor for Education, Dr. Nasrin Dashti, Vice Chancellor for International, Dr. Leila Shahmoradi, Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Fatemeh Sheikh Shoaei, Vice Chancellor for Cultural Affairs and  Dr. Vahid Changizi, the Head of the Radiology Department which was held on Tuesday, December 19, 1400 in the meeting hall . In this meeting Dr. Dashti, Vice Chancellor for International Affairs, welcomed the students and said that the purpose of this meeting was to get to know the international students and the students to know the officials and professors of the faculty.

Then, the officials present at the meeting introduced themselves and presented points in the fields of education, research and cultural issues. The students also introduced themselves and expressed their problems and questions with the authorities in  a friendly atmosphere.