Address: No.17, Fardanesh Alley , Qods Street , Enqelab Street , Tehran , 1417744361 , Iran

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Fax: 88983037

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Allied Medical Sciences School Building No 3






3rd Floor

Classroom No (09)

Classroom No (08)

Librarianship Medical PhD Students

Classroom No (10)

Medical Informatics PhD

Zoonosis Research Center

Women Preyer Room

Health Information Management PhD

Staff Room

Men Preyer Room

Classroom No (07)


2nd Floor

Faculty Office

Classroom No (06)

Classroom No (05)

Five-eye microscope room


Deputy of Students Affairs

Alumni Office

Imaging Lab


Student Affairs

Office of Research Affairs

Lab Staff Room

Head of Graduate Studies

Covid 19 Lab staff


1st Floor

Computer Center

Head of Educational Administration

Classroom No (03)&(4)

Computer Staff Room

Educatinal Staff

Head of Statistics & IT

Payavard Salamat Journal

Anesthesia and Medical Emergencies Staff

Network Monitoring Center

Office of Graduate Studies

Computer Repair

Exam & Evaluation Office

Student Islamic Association Office

Executive Education Office


Education Archives Office


Groud Floor

Classroom No (01)

Student Quran & Etruth

Cell Culture Lab

Classroom N0 (02)

Student Basij Office



-1 st Floor

Biochemistry-Immunology Lab

Zoonosis Research Center

Cellular-Hematology Lab

Zoonosis Microbiology Lab

Parasitology-Histology-Physiology Lab

Wash Room




Allied Medical Sciences School Building No 1


7th Floor

Conference Hall

Department of Hematology & Blood Transfusion


6th Floor


Grievance Committee


Public Relations

General Affairs


5th Floor


Department of Operation Room Technology &Anesthesia Technology


4th Floor

Department of Radiology & Radioterapy Technology

Department of Library & Medical Information


3rd Floor

Department of Health Information Management & Medical Informatics

Department of Health Information Management & Medical Informatics


2nd Floor

Deans Office

Conference Hall


1ST Floor

Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Ground Floor


Men Preyer Room

Women Preyer Room

Facilities supervisor


Finance Office



Storage Office

Administrate Archives Office

Storehouse Office

Property Trustee Office



-1 st Floor

Electronical Exam Center

Health Information Technology Skill Lab

Health Services


-2 nd Floor

Operating Room & Anesthesia Skill Lab