The role of Allied Medical Sciences is becoming more and more stronger in health system, and considering the essential role of Allied Medical Sciences in prevention, diagnosis and control of chronic disease, a lot of countries are planning to attract Allied Medical graduates and train them, so they become useful for their future education and research programs.


Allied Medical Sciences training has started over 65 years ago in our university. Since 1950 the first radiation training courses began.




10 years later in 1960 laboratory technician Program was taught to student. About three decades ago the Allied Medical Sciences School become officially independent school. In advance, it worked as a part of School of Medicine which had offered 3 Programs (Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medical records, and Radiology).




Early 2006, Master Degree replaced with associate degree and now we offer a full range of academic courses in undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The School of Allied Medical Sciences also is known as the best in research and development with two research centers, the Health Information Management Research Center (HIMRC) and Zoonosis Research Center (ZRC) as well as central research laboratory.

Educational Departments:


     ·   Medical Laboratory Sciences

·         Radiation Sciences

·         Health Information Management

·         Anesthesia Technology

·         Operating Room Technology

·         Hematology & Blood Transfusion

·         Health care Management

·        Medical Library & Information Sciences




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